Dissertation projects

The defence of the dissertation is an important part of graduation. In the dissertation, students present results of the research they conducted during their studies. The dissertation should contain the results of the student’s original research, including already published outputs or outputs accepted for publishing. The project must prove the ability and readiness towards self-dependent work in the field of research or development, or towards autonomous theoretical and creative activity.

The thesis must be submitted for defence in the Czech or Slovak language, it is also permissible to submit the doctoral thesis in one of the world languages (English, German, Russian, French) in agreement with the supervisor and after discussion by the scientific board. The text of the dissertation must be at an excellent level in terms of grammar and style.

Defended dissertations since 2016


Milan Balaban

Yugoslav-Czechoslowak Economic Relations between 1918 and 1938 year

JUDr. PhDr. Stanislav Balík

Formation of the Czech legal society in the years 1861-1914 (Bar associations, law societies and journals)

Petr Bělík

"For emperor and land." Dynastic and land patriotism in moravian nobility in second half of 19. century.

Petr Hřebačka

The relations between the European Union and Canada as a part of external relations of the EU

Radim Jež

The Last of the Piast Dynasty of Těšín. The Duke Dynasty in the Renaissance, Mannerism, and Early Baroque

Jana Kubíčková

Constructions of new Catholic parish churches in Brno between 1890 and 1935: the innovation of the Catholic milieu?

Petra Lukešová

Strakonice in the structure of the Johannists in 15th century

Jan Mařica

From the Czechoslovak National Democracy to National Unity

Jana Musilová

The Economic History of 20th Century: Turkey and the EEC in 1960's

Eva Richtrová

The Benedictine Monastery in Rajhrad at the Time of Abbot Alois Josef Kotyza (The Fate of the Monastery and the Monks in 1937–1947)

Alena Vitáková

Certain aspects of the presence of women in the Czechoslovakian troop in the USSR (1942 - 1975)

Ondřej Vodička

Catholic Exiles from Lands of the Bohemian Crown during the Hussite Era (1419-1436) 



Lenka Geidt

Tutors in the Terezín ghetto

Jaroslav Kadlec

Roman Dmowski and the polish anti-Semitism

Stanislav Vohryzek

The nobility of south-west Moravia till Hussite Wars



Ondřej Haváč

Exile and Identity: A comparison of the Czech Exile in Austria and Switzerland after 1968

Tomáš Řepa

Banderovci (Ukrainian rebellious army - UPA), an overall assessment of the expressions of Ukrainian nationalism in the Czechoslovak history after 1945

Martin Vaňáč

Czech Cardinals in the 20th Century



Josef Halla

Opposition in Slovakia between years 1968–1989



Petr Husák

When they Spread Their Arms, They Touch the Darkness. Changes in the Priestly Identity in the Czech Catholic Milieu in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Pavel Kocman

Political, Economic and Social Status of the Jews in Moravia during the Thirty Years' War 1618-1648

Lenka Vlčková Kryčerová

Study of the History of Russia and the USSR in the Works of Czechoslovak Historians 1945–1989 in connection with the Czechoslovak-Soviet Institutes and the Institute of History of the European Socialist Countries CAS

Tomáš Pánek

Czech Historiography in the Years 1938-1945

Ester Pučálková

The Legacy of the Fathers: An Image of the Reformation Past and Present in Non-Catholic Magazines 1918-1928

Hana Sedláčková

The Auersperg's Domain of Nasavrky: to the Formation of Forest Administration of the Estate in the 19th Century

Věra Slováková

The Childhood and Youth of Subjects in Moravia in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century (the Example of the Slavkov Estate)

Pavel Zeman

Czech intelligentsia in Bulgaria in the years 1878–1912. Life and work of Czech teachers



Jana Čerminová

Czechification of Brno's southern suburbs in the first half of the 20th century: Sociocultural change of the city due to migration

Jana Černá

"Look at the children!" The ideological education of children at the socialist school between 1948-1970.

Martin Drozda

Village community between the Enlightenment and Abolition of Servitude on the example of private estates of the Olomouc Chapter

Pavel Dvořák

Apostle of democracy. The transformation of the mythical image of Edvard Beneš in the period of his active political work.

Hana Krutílková

Pioneers in politics. Women in structures of political parties in Moravia before 1914

Ludmila Luňáková

Festive days in early Premyslid Bohemia or On the role of church festive days in public events

Adam Pálka

Martin Lupáč of Újezd: a Distinctive Thinker of the Interregnum and Poděbrad Period

Anna Pečinková

The Reformation in Jihlava (1522–1628): participants and manifestations of confessionalization in a town

Jan Škvrňák

The building of the nobility estates in 13th and first half of 14th century Moravia

Martin Vitko

„First in Battle – First at Work!“ The Union of Slovak Partisans between 1945-1948

Dissertation theses started in autumn semester 2021/2022

Petra Černá                                       

Alfréd Fuchs in the Context of Czech Catholic Journalism and Essayism

Václav Daněk

"The Finest Youth of Greater Germany?" Organisation of Hitlerjugend in Czech Lands (1938-1945)

Nataliia Hrechana

Otoman empire. Turkish image in Polish sources with political and literal specialization. Cultural aspects in Polish 17 century literature.

Lucie Machalová

The world of Noblewoman in the Late Middle Age

Jozef Mário Matiaško

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries

Mikuláš Netík

The Third Crusade through the Eyes of a Certain Austrian Cleric: So-Called Ansbert and the Idea of a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the Roman-German Empire in the Waning 12th Century

Petr Steiner

A nobleman at the end of the monarchy: Hogo Kálnoky and František Josef II. Silva-Tarouca

Dana Vedra

Social and economic aspects of forced migration in Drahansko area in Moravia and its consequences 1940-1960

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